The lunar eclipse is in process and so it seems like a good time to finally start this thing. I’ve been having trouble getting to my journal since we’ve been in Merida, and I don’t want to lose touch with it. I thought this might be a good way to keep my writing moving along. We’ll see.

I’ve taken up birding and biking tours on Sundays. Two Sundays ago I rode the 3o miles to Sisal, ate lunch and rode back into a stiff westerly headwind. I stopped to rest in Ucu puebla, and watched a couple innings of a baseball game. The birding was very good around Sisal, as there is a large wetland buffering the coast. I didn’t have time to do much birding though, as the ride was so long. This past Sunday I intended going to the little known ruin of Ake’, but didn’t want to go so far without a spare tube, so I returned to the Dzibilchaltun ruins instead, just 10 kilometers out of the city. I’d been there a couple weeks earlier, on an overcast, relatively cool day and the birding was excellent. This time though, it was quite hot and quite windy and there were no birds to be seen. This time I rode back to town into a gale force southerly wind. I’m not complaining though, as both times it was a great workout, though not terribly pleasant riding. But if great workouts were always pleasant, the world would be free of obesity. This week I plan to go to Ake’, having picked up an extra tube yesterday. That will take me West, and maybe the wind will be coming stiffly from the East on my return.

Connie’s sister, Kathy, was here for a few hours today, seeing the house she bought for the first time. She’s back on the cruise ship now, heading for Cozumel.

Hopefully I will get up on the roof tomorrow, for my second stint at cleaning the mold off of it with the pressure washer, in preparation for repairing and sealing it.

The water coming in through the water meter is very low volume and pressure, so all the houses have tanks on the roof. The water trickles into these tanks and then gravity feeds into the house. In order for the pressure washer to work, it has to receive water at some pressure, so it can then pressurize it further. With a gravity feed system, there is no way to accomplish this on the roof. So I got out my trusty solar panel and 12 volt pump, and draw the water directly from the tanks. The system works very well while the sun is shining (between clouds).


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