not biking

Well it finally happened. I knew it was coming for some months now (maybe a year or so? But in southern Belize I had to just put it out of my mind). The crankset on my old Giant Prodigy finally bit the dust, after 16 years of good service, and one year of poor service. I’ve been telling myself for some time now, that when it finally does give out, I’m going to tear the bike down and paint it. I began sanding the fork the day before yesterday. That fork had been in need of repair for at least a year, probably more like two or three. But again, being in southern Belize, a proper repair was out of the question, so I limped along with it with what was available. So here in Merida I was able to purchase the replacement brake mount, which had broken off long ago. I went out one day earlier this week, intending to carry it around until I found a welder who could fix it. My first stop was the transmission shop two doors down. Fidel and I got into his tiny black Hyundai Atos and drove around the block to his friend’s welding shop, on calle 74, I think. The man expertly removed the old one, using a hacksaw and a grinder, and skillfully put the new one on in it’s place. Even earlier in the week, I’d gone to the big bike shop down on calle 63, at 52, and bought a new road crankset, and then later in the day, a bottom bracket. The bottom bracket doesn’t fit, and so I won’t be able to use that crankset either. I’ve decided to get it painted, and then carry the frame down to the shop, probably in a taxi, and get it fitted with the proper bottom bracket and crankset. Meantime I’m getting around on my flea market bike, a one speed with hand brakes and knobby tires.

I discovered the flawed crankset as I was setting out for my weekly ride this past Sunday. So I went to the flea market instead, and found two nice short sleeved sport shirts, for 45 pesos total. Then I rode around town a few hours in order to get some exercise, as well as learn my way around some. I can (and do) ride for hours inside the city limits, having no idea how to get to where I’m trying to go.

This morning, after class, I’m meeting Connie at a special session the US consulate is throwing, in part, for voter registration.


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