I don’t know what it might be like in your locality, but here in Merida, if you are between the ages of 14 and 24, you just DO NOT go out in public without your earbuds in place. Now I suppose that some of those earbuds are simply that–they’re not connected to anything playing music. But they ARE a significant part of the uniform, and woe be to the joven who is seen without them. I’ve noticed, also, that a single earbud is permitted as long as the cell phone is lodged in the other ear. This past Saturday night, by some odd conjunction of the god particle(s), I was present at the opening, down the street, of The Catherwood Museum, where hang Frederick’s original drawings, and at least one large painting. The single young woman I saw there was wearing her earbuds. I guess, in case she was seen by anyone in the know. I asked her what she was listening to, at the food table, but didn’t understand her answer.

The camera down at the park appears to be in need of having it’s medication adjusted. Wild mood swings, whereby at times, it is pointing straight up in the air, only to swing violently back down and around, as if attempting to give the impression of an aerobatics routine to whomever next views the tape.


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