Another cold day

Another cold and rainy day. We’re to have a high of 73 today. Frigid. After lunch, I’m going to take the clunker out for a ride. It’s great weather for that. The Lysiloma trees are blooming, and at the same time dropping seeds from the last time. The dry pods clatter loudly in the wind. Avocadoes are blooming, not yet blooming and setting fruit all over town. I saw my first carambola tree this morning. Mangoes are setting fruit, ripening fruit and dropping overripe fruit. Golden rain trees (Cassia fistula, and while we’re on the subject of Cassia, I also saw some C. alata and C. grandis blooming in the past few days) are ripening seeds by the bundle.  I saw one branch of one tree with blooms on it.  Those Cassia grandis (bukut in Belize) are dwarfed both in stature and in the size of the flower.  Guanacaste trees around town are loaded up with green pods. Tamarind trees appear to be constantly full of ripe fruit. I heard red lored parrots calling a couple days ago, as I was out riding to or from the Merida Mens Club breakfast. Everywhere I go, I find myself to be the youngest one, by a good many years. I guess most folks don’t retire at 49. Fewer still at 23.

The whole city is virtually shut down, for the two weeks around Easter. Everybody goes to the beach where, I hear, things are really hopping.


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