I’ve been sick with a head cold these past few days. While resting in the outside hammock this afternoon, I first observed the black vultures soaring overhead. I truly admire the flight skills which have been bestowed upon the vultures of the world. Someday I’d like to try it. Next, while absently gazing around the yard, I thought I saw a bloom on the bribri tree. Getting up to check it out, I realized that it was indeed a clump of blooms. But different from any bribri bloom I’ve seen in the past. This one looks more like the bloom of a wild cherry, rather than the white puff that I’ve seen on all previous bribris. I’ll check out my Mexico tree guide and see if I can identify it. And ultimately, I’ll await the fruit. The fruit will tell the tale.  Clearly this tree is not a bribri.  We were confused by the winged petioles.  I will await the fruit.


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