foiled again

I just got back from the bike shop. The salesman looked at my old crank and his mouth fell open. He looked at the date stamped into it. 1990. That’s more than 10 years old, said he. Almost 20 was my reply. He then went on to inform me that cranksets have evolved over the years, and I would likely find nothing anywhere in Mexico that would solve my problem. He suggested checking around at the smaller shops for older stock. he also suggested ebay, and as an afterthought, suggested that I might be able to find something in Belize, after I’d mentioned having come from there. So I asked what he had in the way of new bikes. Nothing that interested me. As I was walking out, I asked if he had any folding bikes. He pointed to a 6 speed Dahon. I became interested, but the $300 price tag was daunting. I continue to try and find a way to rationalize that purchase though.

So I rode back home, my newly painted gold frame hanging around my neck. Trying to figure a way out. I went online and searched Bike Nashbar. Through the magic of their live chat, I was directed to just the crankset I need, and at an astonishing $40. I wrote to my friend Reg in Detroit, who will be arriving here on the 23rd. We’ll see if he can carry it down with him. In the mean time I continue to dream of that Dahon.

1o days later.  I don’t know by what accident this one didn’t get published when it should have.


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