The Warmest Day

I imagine we surpassed the 100 degree mark today, though we don’t have a thermometer yet. May is traditionally the warmest month of the year, as we reach the end of the dry (verano here). The same was true in southern Belize, except there the rain doesn’t traditionally come until the end of June. We’re told that in comes in early June here. In our experience, the days and nights grow continually warmer, right up until that first rain of the season. Immediately the temperature drops between ten and twenty degrees, and the humidity increases significantly. This dry season has been very bearable, as opposed to those we experienced in Belize, a big reason for this being the presence of electricity, and thus, fans. Still it is hot.  But we’ve adapted over the past 6 1/2 years.

The Cassia Grandis (golden rain trees) are blooming not quite profusely, but steadily. There is another yellow-flowered tree also blooming–a very large one. I’m trying to find out what it is.  The Enterolobium (guanacaste) are dropping pods and Mayplums are everywhere, as are Haas avocadoes, several varieties of mangoes and 3 types of custard apples (red, pink and white). We had a flurry of guanabana (soursop) a few weeks ago, but they appeared and disappeared inside of a week. Canteloupes (melon china) seem to be more prevalent too, though they seem to be a year-round thing.  And Jicamas are making the scene–large piles of large tubers.  We are steady consumers of many these delectables. Pitaya (dragon fruit) are here in July, but are they here earlier? I for one certainly hope so! They seem to grow wild on walls all over the city and in the surrounding countryside there are great plantations. But the greater bulk of them, I’m told, come from Tabasco.

My Sunday bike rides have become reduced to just getting out and riding into a stiff wind for a couple hours, in 100 degree heat and no shade for miles, just for a good workout. I’m currently shopping for running shoes, and am hoping to renew my career as a jogger as well, for some mid-week huffing and puffing.

I am happy to report that I now have enough Spanish to argue with the various service providers here. I’m in a bit of a stand-off with the garbage collector, after an angry encounter a couple weeks ago. I also have accused our internet provider of overcharging us (true) all the while delivering substandard service (untrue)–this one over the phone. It’s much more difficult speaking a foreign language on the phone than it is in person.


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