Or pitaya.  It’s pronounced both ways.  I saw my first bloom yesterday, and it was nearly as beautiful as the fruit it will produce in a month or so.  It is also my favorite tropical fruit, as of out visit here last July.  The flamboyant trees are also beginning to bloom.

We met with our engineer, Raul,  Evalynne, our designer, and (ar)Mando, the albanil/crew chief on Friday, while Alfredo and Marcos worked on the new stone wall out back.  We’re designing and placing skylights, both regular and vented, and will begin installing them shortly, before having the roof repaired and sealed ahead of the rains.  We’re consuming copious quantities of water and ice these days, as the afternoon temperatures dance in the 102-106 range.  Mostly we sleep through the worst of it, but today we had houses to visit.  It’s a different lifestyle in all this heat.  Stay up late, arise early and sleep a couple hours in the late afternoon.

I will travel to Belize this coming week, to sell the old Nissan truck.  I plan to board the ADO first class bus shortly before midnight tomorrow, for the 4.5 hour ride to Chetumal, where I’ll have to wait at least a couple hours for the express bus to Belize City.  From there, it’s only an hour more to Monkey Bay, and I should make it well ahead of lunchtime.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly and I can be back in Merida Thursday evening.


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