May Day

Mayday! Mayday! May Day here in Mexico, and in most of the world, is Labor day. There is a pariah nation north of the border which presumes to know better, and so remains out of step, out of touch and out of time with the rest of us. We’re happy to leave them be, to drift off beyond the divide.

Now take a deeeep breeeaath……..and…..(We) Begin actual construction on the remodel project on the auspicous first of May, 2008. We had Alfredo the albanil and his son Marcos, digging out the back tab, where the pool will go. And, over the past century, where every bit of trash–organic and inorganic has been tossed. We’re surmising that the build-up of a soil-like substance mixed 1-3 with non-biodegradable debris was formed together in situ. We know that there were pigs back there at one time too, and so their refuse and remains would also be a part of the mix. A month or so ago, when we were doggedly picking out the glass piece by piece, we discovered a tile floor at the bottom way in the back corner. We harvested some of it, and will ask Alfredo to watch out for it next week.

We’ve hired an engineer/designer team, he being Yucatecan and she being an American retiree who was an art teacher in her former life, and continues to be an artist. She (Evalynne) is in the process of finishing up her second remodel, personally, and has a third under her belt for someone else, all of them with Raul. They will work for a 15% commission, allowing plenty of room for changes and re-considerations. Our first project with Raul and Evalynne will likely be the addition of the back patio roof, this giving us a largish outdoor living area, and significantly cooling the current back room of the house with it’s shade. Meantime, Alfredo will continue with his digging and screening, and when he’s finished with that, I’ll join in and learn how to build a stone wall. In two weeks or so, Felipe Ek and his crew will come and repair and reseal the roof, before the start of the rainy season, sometime in June.

The crew working next door has nearly completed their wall building. We share all but one short piece with them, and they have graciously built the whole thing, without asking us to pay our share. Of course they haven’t asked us for any other input either, though we gave it to them nonetheless. They have left us 10 cm on our side, to build up with stone or block, or simply to stucco and paint. They have an electric jackhammer, which has run continuously for 2 weeks now. They’re digging very slowly into the bedrock, which is about 45 cm below the surface, in an effort to go deep enough for a pool.. We plan to build ours up from wherever the bedrock falls, and backfill around it.


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