We’re underway, as of Monday, the 19th. Raul and his contractor, (AR)Mando came over and unloaded some materials for building scaffold, covering the floors to protect them, etc. Later in the day, two truckloads of cement, polvo (limestone powder used in lieu of sand, which just isn’t available here), cal (lime dust, used as a final coat in some cases, and to make the mortar stickier in others) and rebar arrived. The previous Saturday, we got two loads for Alfredo as well. Saturday and Sunday, Connie and I removed all of the grey tile upstairs, and were able to save about 80% of it. This feat was aided by a Workforce brand dremel tool with a grout-cutting bit, which I got on my second trip to Home Depot that morning. Everything which was in the front two rooms, as well as upstairs, is now variously scattered throughout the house and patio. The trike and the black bike, in pieces, has gone over to Collin’s garage. It’s like an ant colony, with two crews mixing cement in back and five or six men working upstairs repairing the ceiling, before the entrepiso ( the downstairs ceiling/upstairs floor,[the floor in between]) comes down, probably later in the week, or early next week.

With just seven days to go until I leave for the states, I today, began a self-prescribed round of Flagyl, for the treatment of my presumed new or continuing case of giardia lambida.


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