I Don’t Know

I don’t know why I write three posts and then forget about them for six weeks. I have this idea that I’ll be more together this time and space them evenly. Doesn’t happen, so henceforth I’ll publish shortly after the first draft. Pitayas are showing up on the grocery store shelves, but are still far too expensive this early in the season. I’ve harvested some pictures off the web though, to show the plant, flowers and fruit.

The forms came off of the three arches today, and I’ll upload some of those as well as other construction photos. I went up on the roof this afternoon to clamp down the new water pipe. With my drill and concrete bit, I endeavored to drill a hole deep enough to accept a plastic anchor into which a screw goes to hold the clip in place. In some cases I hit rock and had to try another spot nearby. But in a couple other spots, my drill penetrated all of 1/4″ and then open space. We’ve been told that the roofers, in repairing the roof in preparation for sealing it, tap all about in search of hollow-sounding spots, so they can chip out the bad and repair it. My guess is these guys cut many corners. I’m tempted to chip it out and fix it myself, but Connie says no. So I went back up, before the rain, with a small amount of mortar and closed up all those little holes. I’ll paint a new coat or two of sealer over them all soon, as well as over the screw heads.

So this is my first photo upload attempt the correct way. I have no idea how I did it before. These photos show how the arches were formed up. These will form the back wall of the hindmost living area of the house. In the photo on the upper right, we can see the pool area. The kiddie pool marks the spot. It isn’t really clear from this photo, but that white blob seen through the middle arch is bagged soil, which will be replaced back on the surface when all is said and done. This pile is seen more clearly in the above photo. And now, upon re-reading this, I see that I’ve uploaded the photos into the wrong post.

Be that as it may.  I’ll simply make the two into one.  Let’s see if I can upload some more photos.  Well, there they are.  I see I’m gonna have to learn how to place them better.  That photo of the cut fruit gets my mouth to watering.  They taste like a somewhat bland kiwi, and are really delicious!



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