the drive

Connie and i just got back from a trip to Soriana to buy a kiddie pool.  We stopped at a panaderia on the way home.  When I went in, there was still some daylight; when we got going again it was dark, but we were only a few blocks from home by then.  The entire trip was probably 6 miles, and we went in the trike.  I’ve begun to absently call it the car, since that’s how it gets used.  We had to buy a small plastic chair, as well, so both Connie and the pool could fit.  We put the pool in sideways, then crammed the chair in next to it.  She had to crouch down and pull the top of the pool down over her head, so I could see enough to drive.  We took a very long detour on the way, coming out a considerable distance away from where we thought we would, stumbling across another Soriana enroute.  We made a strong effort to not repeat that mistake on the way home, as darkness was threatening and I, for one, was getting tired.  This was by far the longest trip we’ve taken to date, in said vehicle.


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